real love

i cannot deny the love that the Father has for me. i am precious in His sight and He wants all of me. the love He has for me is so overwhelming and so powerful. He created me – He created me with his own hands for his own purpose for me to be able to LOVE him and experience HIS love forEVER. i cant even think of the words to describe the love i am feeling in this moment, as i sit in my room waiting for my next class. nothing can take his place in my life, nothing can satisfy me more. i give everything to him – all of my heart, all of my intentions, every emotion, every desire, every groaning, i give it all to him. i give it all to him. i give it all to him. what the Father does in our lives is greater than anything we can want for ourselves and it is so worth it, to give up everything for him. it’s so worth it, to lose everything we desire and gain everything in HIM. i can think of no better way to live my life. i cannot live my life any other way.


I find myself in a daze, in a maze, of confusion and hurt

I find myself lonely and with a feeling of such abandonment

I look around me and I see that my whole life is changing what what is left of me?

Does anything remain?

It’s stupid. It’s pathetic – that I let myself get this way…

I’m living a life, better than I was so many, many days ago –

I’m no longer high

I’m no longer drunk

No longer do I find that corrupt, unsafe love

I once was lost but now I’m found

No longer living in disgust –

of myself for being found pass out unconcious on the bathroom floor,

of myself for going beind my moms back just to get a little high, just to get a little buzz…

I have finally settled for so much more, and now I dare say that I feel deppressed and alone?

When my soul has been completely restored?

I’ve finally found a reason, a purpose, my destiny –

to serve the One who created every single part of me,

I need to wake up – remind me, My God, what disaster you saved me from!

Remind me of the days I felt worthless and ashamed – remind me of the days when they called me disgusting names,

remind me of the days when I serve a god named destruction and remind me of the days when I had a reason to cry,

I now serve a God of strength and of might, who fills my soul more than anything I’ve ever tried…

I live a life in the arms of the One who created it all, of the one who was hung on a tree for me,

the One who will fight and trample every evil one for me,

the One who came and set my soul so free…

the One who yearns and desires for my heart,

the One who is ravished by one glance of my eye,

I serve the One who gave his life for me, who bled and profusiously so he could one day have me,

I dont have a reason to feel this way,

because of you – I am redeemed,

because of you real love my heart has finally seen.


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  1. deff something to think about

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