I believe in a war that is raging inside of you and me.

Searching for the rights can almost ruin anything that I write because I will never feel like it can truly capture the emotions flowing through my heart. I can feel you again, inside of my soul – inside of my heart. All I crave right now is to spend hours with you, just laying here…thinking of you and just being with you. I crave Watermark church right now, and all things you. I miss you and that sounds almost ridiculous to type out but I do. I want you here, I want you near. I want you to hold me close to you and let me cry onto your shoulder and I want all pain to disappear from my life. All pain that I am experiencing, all pain that comes in and out. The pain of others, the pain of this world.

I’ve never believe so strongly of the calling on my life as I do right now. I don’t know why this has come to my heart again, but it was there once, so very long ago. And it’s back. I have a million thoughts running through my mind, I lay all my concerns in your hands. I place everything in the palms of your hands and I’m begging you to please take care of them. Undo my mistakes, fix my wrongs. Straighten my life again – make my path clear and prepare me for what is to come. Prepare me for what is to come. Your mercy is what brings me to where I am, it is your mercy that gives me what I need and allows me a thousand second chances.

I’m afraid of what is to come, I do not know what to expect. But I need you in every way that I can have you. Have mercy on my life, have mercy over me. Help me to find the strength to get through tonight, and the rest of my life.


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