I woke up today to weather that could make anyone depressed, late to a meeting and my heart was hit with the reality I am living with my roommate. I told myself I would see the good in everything, so my optimistic-little-self decided to be happy, forget what was going on and quickly got ready for my day. I succesfully chose an outfit that I tried on once and loved, did nothing to my hair because bed-head is always best and ran to my meeting. All I could think about was home. Classes dragged on. Then it started pouring rain, and I…had no umbrella. But no worries, the on-top-of-the-world mood shot in and I used my navy blue peacoat as a shield over my head and back to room 104 I went. My boots got soaked and it was freezing but I was completely thrilled at the thought of spending a few days at home, thinking it would be such bliss and nothing would go wrong. I packed my car up, skipped my last class and headed home. I spent the car ride with JC and never wanted to stop driving. The rain splashing the hood of my car, listening to music that could captivate anyone – I felt so…good. I thought about life, love, family, friends. Everything and everyone.

Two hours later, I arrive. Welcomed by some happy and not-so happy parents. Words were exchanged, and then it started again. That “this is why I don’t like coming home” feeling. Worry overwhelmed me, I looked away and felt someone telling me that I needed to keep my composure. “They know not what they do.” That’s what my heart heard and that’s what I will believe. I’ll do what I came to do, ignoring the negativity. The expectations I set were/are high – and the weekend is yet to be over. There’s still time to make things better. Still time for Someone to do what they do best.



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