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March 31, 2010

I was not

I was not created to go against what God intended. I was not created to gossip or to slander. I was not made to minimize others. I was not made to make anyone feel useless or worthless. I was not made to be evil or to corrupt anyone. I was not made to be a distraction nor was I made to be the cause of someone else’s sin. I was not made to go against what I was made to do. I was made to carry Gods presence to those who don’t yet know him. I was made with a purpose, with a plan to fulfill the task which he has given me. I was made to further the Kingdom, I was made to echo God’s voice. To reach the depths of the hearts that are troubled, to reach into the souls of those that are living in despair. I was not made for my own self, I was not made for me. I was made for the One who created me, I was made for the people of this world. I was made to forget who I am and to take on the image of God. I was made for His Kingdom, to share the love and the hope that is only found in Christ Jesus. I was not made for me but I was certainly made for You.

March 6, 2010

Thoughts thoughts and more thoughts

I’m high on life right now. I’m finding strength from above to not let things of this world sway me. I know what I want and I know who I am in Christ. Everyday I Iearn more and more about myself and the ways of the One I love are making more sense. Someone told me this would be a year of Jubilee for me…and that couldn’t be more right. I find mysef waking up everyday feeling a deep rooted joy. I’ve had enough of temporary fixes, of the false hope this world has to offer me. I am rooted in love and have shunned away the doubt that is rooted in despair. What God is stirring in my soul is not merely an emotion. It’s the foundation of all that’s to come because of obedience and sacrifice and even the willingness to trust in someone I cannot see.

March 4, 2010

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

There is songs that I listen to and can’t help but think of Jesus. These are my favorite ones right now.
Happy – The Daylights
If It’s Not With You – Phoenix
Awake My Soul – Mumford and Sons

On another note, life is so freakin beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with everything that is going on, with everything that I am realizing life to be. I have been filled with a joy that surpasses any and all hurt. Every song that I hear, I find myself stopping and soaking in the lyrics. When I awake in the morning I have a smile on my face because it’s another day to experience this life in all that God is intending it to be with the people that he desires me to know. The different perspectives of life are so many but I want to hear them all. I want to see the facets of life through the words of any who are willing to share. I want to hug everyone that I see and make them feel the love that I feel. I pray this feeling is contagious because I want it for everyone. I want you all to know that the love of Christ surpasses all understanding, and that is the feeling that is exploding inside of me. The purest form of love, the deepest form of love.