Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

There is songs that I listen to and can’t help but think of Jesus. These are my favorite ones right now.
Happy – The Daylights
If It’s Not With You – Phoenix
Awake My Soul – Mumford and Sons

On another note, life is so freakin beautiful and I couldn’t be happier with everything that is going on, with everything that I am realizing life to be. I have been filled with a joy that surpasses any and all hurt. Every song that I hear, I find myself stopping and soaking in the lyrics. When I awake in the morning I have a smile on my face because it’s another day to experience this life in all that God is intending it to be with the people that he desires me to know. The different perspectives of life are so many but I want to hear them all. I want to see the facets of life through the words of any who are willing to share. I want to hug everyone that I see and make them feel the love that I feel. I pray this feeling is contagious because I want it for everyone. I want you all to know that the love of Christ surpasses all understanding, and that is the feeling that is exploding inside of me. The purest form of love, the deepest form of love.


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