Everything we do needs to be about letting go. It needs to be about risking everything, not allowing the fear of failing to prevail against the desire to fulfill our dreams. Positioning ourselves in a place where God can flow through our words, through our thoughts, breathing his life into us and releasing himself through our actions. We have to stop being scared. Stop thinking of all the things that could go wrong with our decisions, and trusting that what God is calling us to will be the right thing. The greatest people that have ever lived took risks. We can’t hold back and live in the security of our homes. Living that way drains us of our dreams, it debilitates our hearts and suffocates us with “reality.” How many of us are desiring to be in someone elses shoes? We see others lives succeeding, we see them making something of themselves and we would rather have their lives over our own. Those people you marvel at took a chance to be where they are. All the actors you see on film are there because the propensity of their dreams overtook them and nothing would do but to go audition at the gig that seemed impossible to land.

Even more so, having the living and breathing God stand by us through every turn of life should give us more confidence. When Jesus called Matthew to be his disciple all he said was, “Follow me” and Matthew got up and followed him. (Matthew 9:9) No questions were asked, no preparations were made. He saw the miracles Jesus did with his own eyes, enough proof for him to leave everything he knew to gain an even greater life. We too have seen the miracles of God and through that our trust in Him is even stronger.

I can’t help but think that God wants more creativity out of us. I don’t simply mean having the ability to paint and draw, but having the ability to think past the mundane. Having the ability to dream of the impossible and bring it all into existence.

My prayer for you all is that you would allow your minds and your hearts to open up. That we would all begin and continue to position ourselves in a place to receive manna from Heaven, fresh revelations of life that would give us more hope and increase our desire to dream, dream and dream some more.

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