Discolored Love

I sit here again and just want to take a moment to express the way that I am feeling inside.

Blindly approaching you, unaware of your current circumstances – I feel the need to tell some of you, if not all of you, that the love God has for you doesn’t change. Even if some of us decide to leave him because we do not understand him, he remains the same.

A song I’ve been playing over and over again is “The Fullness” by Lovelite.
The bridge goes like this:
You offer a life that is whole,
You brighten my darkened soul,
A mystery that I long to know,
I am yours.

How does this apply to the love of God? Simply because it reminds us that the life to be found in him is a life that is fully whole. But what does that mean? It means that you won’t be living a life with a broken heart, it means you are given a hope that is stronger than any medication this world has to offer, it means you are given a new look into a life that you thought you had figured out. Because of what Jesus did for both you and I, we are given a chance to live a life that exceeds all of our expectations. A life that is full of joy and bright colorful moments that are waiting to be found. Mysteries that are waiting to be uncovered, and it’s so attainable. More attainable than what you see in front of you.

We push Jesus away because we don’t understand him. We push him away because of how others show who they perceive him to be. How can something so great be delivered as something so unattractive? Well, he’s not. He’s the attainable, the one thing that our hearts are begging us to accept, the one that will never escape us and will always find us in the end.

As unfathomable as that may be, I will continue to voice the love that is living within me and is waiting to be found in you. The love that you search for, the escapes that you give yourself, what you are letting yourself settle for is discolored.

You’ve heard this over and over again. And as much as we don’t like “cliché’s” – they ring more true than anything at times. But there is more waiting to be discovered. Life isn’t just what you and I both see.

Knowing you changes me,
Never let me leave.
– The Fullness by Lovelite


2 Comments to “Discolored Love”

  1. This love you talk about is forever changing me. You are never the same once you encounter this type of love. John was unto something when he said:
    “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love” -1 John 4:8

  2. amen jen! Thats a gospel that is truly good news!

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