Heart of Gratitude

As I sit here and write this morning, I feel like a lot of me is being reshaped and reformed. But not only that, I am gaining confidence that I am truly where I am supposed to be in this life of mine and the state of “being in God’s will” isn’t just being in a place, but rather a state of mind and heart.

Over the past month and a half, I have learned more about myself than I have this entire year. I can honestly say that God has literally been shaking me of my older self and is forming someone new. Mistakes that I’ve made try to weight me down, but the constant reminder that the power of Jesus living in me resounds over and over again conquering that evil voice. I woke up today feeling different, feeling stronger. As I make the conscious effort to spend time with God in the morning time, before the hustle and bustle of the day starts, it sets me and preps me for what my day may bring.

I also just sat and read through my fiance’s blog, in it’s entirety. Naturally it led me to write a blog of my own, and I have this deeper appreciation for him and his dreams. For his life and the church that he gave everything up for.

All of the things I am experiencing now, and will experience next year when I move here, William Jonathan has also experienced. No wonder he has shown such grace with me and has put up with so much from my side. He knows what it’s like and he cares.

As he is currently preparing to teach a bunch of punk teenagers this week, I pray God gives him the words the deliver the strong message he has on his heart. If there is anything else I pray for more in William Jonathan’s life is that he would be used by God in all of his talents, and his strongest one in the ability to speak. May God use his words and extend them deep into the hearts and souls of those at service on Wednesday night.

This blog is a blog of gratitude. Towards the One who has given me life and towards the one that God has given me to live alongside of for the rest of it.

(I stole this idea from Will)
Prayer: May the Creator of our lives continue to reveal his love to you and just how much He does not want live without you. I pray that our eyes would be opened to things He desires to change in us and that we would embrace the change because the end result is better than we can anticipate. I pray that we would embark on this week with a heart of gratitude and appreciation for the ones that we love and for the One, Jesus Christ, who loves us most.


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