Full contentment

After spending a week at camp, and hearing sermon after sermon, I can’t help but recognize a dominate theme in all that is happening around me.

It doesn’t matter how far you stray, or how much damage you’ve done to yourself spiritually, it doesn’t change the plans that God has for you.

This is a word of encouragement for those of you who might need it right now.

I found myself in a place where I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing for God. What I mean by that is that I found myself at times knowing that I was supposed to be doing more for God than I was, and I was ignoring it.

Upon ignoring the calling God has on our lives, we try to find different avenues that we think could lead us to full contentment. We think that there has to be something else out there that will lead us to far greater successes and happiness. But that’s where we are wrong.

Denying ourselves of the one thing that we were designed for, is losing ourselves. Never have I again felt such a strong confidence in the calling God has placed on my life, and it’s all because He led me back to the environment I needed to be in.

Following what you believe to be the right path isn’t easy, ever. But through conflict, growth is produced. And you begin to develop into the person that you need to be, because the purpose that God has for your life is greater than anything you could imagine – and once you find yourself in that place, nothing can steal your joy or bring you down because you’ve found complete contentment.


One Comment to “Full contentment”

  1. great entry. i definitely can resonate with this. i’ve searched and searched and found nothing but human disappointment time and time again. i think i’m finally in a place of adulthood where this is becoming more evident to me. i need to seek what pleases God and not myself or other around me.

    thank you for this entry @jentorres.

    also, i like your wordpress theme. it looks quite similar to someone else’s blog that you are closely acquainted with….

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