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August 15, 2010

Center City Church

As I await for service to start, I am sitting in the seats at Center City Church, and I feel the anticipation of something exciting about to happen. God is moving through the people of this church in loving ways. The commandment “love your neighbor as yourself” is being displayed boldly. It’s an extraordinary sight to see.

Today is also a day Will and I celebrate our time spent at Center City as prepare for the next step. It’s a day to rejoice and reminisce, to enjoy the fellowship one last time with those we have grown to love as deeply as we love our own family.

To be accepted and loved instantly upon my arrival to this place was beautiful. Center City has marked me forever. I’ll always wake up on Sunday mornings, thinking of this place and how it all started.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Will and I in our time here. He always talked about you guys and mentioned how amazing it was to serve alongside people like you. And now I have tasted and I have seen, what God has brewed together. I love you all and am forever changed by your love.

God is here in Center City. The souls that are being reached in this place and those that are waiting to be reached, have no idea what they are getting into. (Something along the lines of bold coffee and Jesus ;D)

Love of God, continue to overflow here and continue to make your presence known. Bless the leadership of Center City and carry out the promises you’ve given them. Knit them closer together and keep being the only reason why they exist.


I love you, Center City Church. Always and forever.