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September 23, 2010

The “reality” of life

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a new post, many reasons explain as to why this has happened but none of them adequate enough to excuse it. As life carries on, with it’s waves of difficulties at times, it’s easiest to shrink back and do nothing but wait for it all to pass.

And that is where you and I both miss it.

In seasons of waiting and of surrendering, life is so challenging that if we stay positive we can learn lessons that will carry us through the rest of our lives, if not the lives of others. Choosing to wake up every day and saying to ourselves that every day is worth living with full passion for Our Creator, is difficult but promising. And it’s the reason we exist, FOR God. Doing anything else deprives us of the lives we are meant to live and it drains those of us that have already begun to encounter  Him.

And even for those of us that choose not to live life this way, we wake up wanting more and rarely experience true joy and sweet grace. Bold as it may be to say that, unless we are living a life utterly surrendered unto God, things will always seem that way. Nothing we will ever do for ourselves is enough, and we mindfully try to alter our circumstances in order to bring about a better life but in the end, always wishing for more.

Even as followers of Jesus, we can fall into the routines of mundane living and neglect the tugs of the Holy Spirit on our hearts to give more of ourselves over. I find myself in this place when I allow life to get overwhelming. I want to shut away the One that I have chosen to live for because things just seem like too much. And if that’s you in this moment, I want to tell you to STOP. Stop the negative thinking and start to believe in what your heart is telling you to believe in. Trust in the One that you trusted at the very beginning of this sometimes seemingly heavy journey of following Christ and realize that the answers to your problems are all found within Him.

It only seems like a fairytale because this world that doesn’t know Jesus has convinced so many that a life like this doesn’t exist. “Reality” is what seems more convincing because it’s what we are experiencing in the natural. But that cannot possibly be it. There has to be more. The written word of God, that I believe to be inspired by Him, breaths life into our souls as we read it. And if we are not reading the Bible consistently in our lives, we aren’t allowing for that power to reside within us.

It’s like a plant that is not being watered. It wilts, and eventually dies. Many of us are walking around like wilting flowers, desperately needing a touch of life from God Himself holding back only because we know the process will be painful. Psalm 1:3 

But going through the fire, only draws out a better result. We will shine even brighter, and find ourselves even stronger. So I pray that we would not shrink back when “the going gets tough” but rather we would find ourselves clinging to the Cross and confidently knowing that Jesus is with us because we can and will encounter Him when nothing seems right.

Psalm 119:11
1 Peter 2:9