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December 31, 2010

afternoon at the park & resolutions

The last day of 2010 was spent drinking boba in Jax 5 points while
reminiscing about the past year. With moody weather and several
strangers to watch pass by, I think it’s safe to say we had
a sweet afternoon with just the two of us.

We also wrote down some resolutions. We’re doing them differently because we have our own way of tackling on new goals. William’s is a list full of things he’d like to accomplish throughout the year. Mine is only for January 2011, I’ll be setting a couple of small goals each month so I don’t feel overwhelmed. After writing them down I also wrote down some rewards for when I finish them. I’ll share those with you tomorrow!

Tonight we’re ringing in the new year with a WAFFLE PARTY at the Daughtry’s! Woot woot!

I brought my GF mix so I can still join in. Tonight it’s Bisquick Pancake and Baking Mix, thanks to Mr. Bill (William’s father) I was introduced and it never fails!


December 31, 2010

2010 recap

Whatta year.

Spring semester started off with camping in absolute freezing weather.
Almost every week after that was spent planning and executing events with SBLC.
I have to admit it, I miss the crazy team/planning/arguments/celebrations/EVERYTHING.

On campus I lived with 7 girls, 2 of which became my butt buddies.
We listened to John Mayer 24/7, made runs to McDonald’s for McFlurries,
spent late night hours at Starbucks finishing homework and took therapeutic shopping
trips to Victoria’s Secret for PINK sweats. Oh girls, we had some fun!

In April I took my first visit to Charlotte only to discover the love of my life.
And met his sweet family and the Center City gang. We spent Easter together!

Best friend’s graduated.

Then William proposed. 1 month later.

I moved to Charlotte to be close to him and interned at Concord First Assembly.
I spent my summer with a youth group that challenged me in unexpected ways.
My closest friend was a woman named Terri and it was all too good.
Tears were shed when I left – Charlotte & it’s people have a piece of my heart forever.

7 months and 4 showers later, William and I got hitched.

Thanksgiving in Charlotte.
Christmas at home.

Footnote: I never realized how little I whipped out my camera. This is all I could find. New Years Resolution: TAKE MORE PICTURES!

December 30, 2010

porta potties & gluten free finds.

My husband uses random porta potties on road trips.

Today I had my final work day of the year 2010. It was busy with filing, filing and well…more filing. Someone heard my constant cry of having “nothing to do” at work that while I was out sick/on my own Christmas break, they stacked up plenty of papeles for me to handle! This is what I look at every day from 9am to 3pm:

Three rows of this. But I’m basically a PRO…hand me some papers, I dare you! I’ll have it filed in seconds. I had about 3 days of training before my trainer went into labor (ha! I rhymed!) and was just so good that they still keep me around. “NBD!” William, that one’s for you ;]

Since Whole Foods rejected me as their new sign maker, I don’t shop there anymore. I go to Native Sun…Okay okay I’m totally kidding. I went to Native Sun because I’ve never been! And wanted to see what they had to offer to my celiac sprue self. I found some yummy goodies!

I always buy the EnerG Light Tapioca Loaf because it’s $3.49, the most reasonable price I’ve found for bread that I delight in. I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter and I read about on Healthy Tipping Point, so I thought I’d give it a try. A little pricey though – $5.84, but I know it will last me a good bit.

I love Reese’s Peanut Butter Puffs but with my gluten allergy, I haven’t been able to eat them. I found a replacement! EnviroKids Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs at $2.98. And my love for blue corn tortilla chips dominates always and I bought a bag to munch on for the weekend.

I also bought whole foods that are gluten free by nature! Some kiwi’s and apples. We never plan for dinners because we always seem to be invited somewhere or go out. Probably not the best way to budget our flow but we’re learning.

Now I’m off to visit a new bakery in 5 Points that offers gluten free CUPCAKES! Yum yum! Then dinner with some of our favorites!


December 30, 2010


December 29, 2010

Mean Words

Mean words.

We’ve all said a few and in turn, received a few. This past weekend I took a trip to the mall with my Mister to exchange out a few gift cards we received for the Holiday and ran into people I knew. (I will choose to remain nameless in this situation) We exchanged hellos, it truly was good to be able to see them because it’s been so long. The conversation went as follows:

Me: How are you!
Person: Looks like married life has got you fatter!
* Awkward Pause *
Me: Uhh, no I haven’t gained any weight. I’m the same size I’ve always been.
Person: Laughs. No, you really are fatter.
Me: Well, it was nice to see you guys!

As a best friend said over breakfast one morning, “You never know what people are going through so you should always treat them good.” OUR WORDS HAVE SO MUCH POWER! It’s insane!

This lady’s voice haunted me the rest of the day and William was so frustrated that I let it affect me so much that he insisted I find a way to vent in a healthy way.

My initial thoughts after leaving her were, “I should have said something mean back! I should have told her what I thought about her! Mean thing, mean thing, mean thing.” Then I got a heart check and asked myself how that would even better the situation, IT WOULDN’T! I cannot repay evil with evil, I have to repay it with love.

This 2 minute scenario put me into a train of thoughts the rest of the day and those that followed after. I spent years dealing with self-confident issues, eating problems and the like. I have found who I am through Jesus and will live the rest of my life helping others find who they are and pushing them to have confidence in themselves and who God has created them to be.

Then I thought to myself, this entire thing isn’t about my being offended because she thinks I’m fat. It was how a woman used her words to put another woman down. She attacked my self-esteem and I’m sure she deals with that herself. When someone says those things to you, they make you feel just as bad, so why do it? What is the sense in intentionally making someone feel sad, in hurting them and putting them down? It’s nonsensical, we’re all created to love and be loved in return and I wouldn’t feel right if I kept this situation to myself.

It was a reminder that people only have the power to affect you if you give it to them. No one deserves that type of power over your life, only Jesus does and fortunately for everyone…Jesus will never hurt you 🙂

Join with me and stand confidently in who you are and be aware of what you say to others. Live a life that positively influences others, act out in love and be free of all evil. Embrace your Maker and the sexy body that He gave you! (HAHA!)

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Proverbs 12:18)

And to leave you on an even better note…pictures from the photobooth we set up at the RCC Christmas Outreach:





December 28, 2010

tim tam slams & aerosmith

Unfortunately, in a matter of minutes we will be on the road back home…which isn’t unfortunate because we have fun things awaiting. However, it means leaving family here too. Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once, so I wouldn’t have to miss a single thing that happens. And yes, while I wrote that Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” popped into my head. We’re making a stop in O-Town to visit one of William’s friends and then we’ll be back in the Ville!

Last night after spending the evening cooking arepas (a Colombian food made of corn meal and cheese) with my momma, we visited our perfect-definition-of-awesome friend Tay Flo! Where her and William did TIM TAM SLAMS!

*And in case you were wondering why I was not filmed during this…well, these lovely delicacies from Australia were not gluten free. And yes, my heart cried.

So now that you’ve seen the insides of their mouths full of something that doesn’t look so yummy, it truly was! We got to spend a lot of time with Taylor resulting in my heart and soul being full, full, FULL! This woman is so encouraging and I only wish…AGAIN…I could be everywhere, like still living in Charlotte near this chick and many others who are really great.

December 27, 2010


Christmas was special this year – our first together ever! William got me the sweetest vintage finds; a Coach purse and cowboy boots. I bought him a book he already had (fail) and an awesome fox shirt.

We’re in Cape Coral right now visiting family and make the trek back to
Jacksonville in just a few days! Where we’ll celebrate Christmas with our other family…
it’s fun celebrating in different ways, experiencing new things.

The night before Christmas, the twins wrote letters to Santa.
They drew what they wanted and signed their names in bright colors.
Donnie’s letter was complete with directions…ya know, in case he got lost!

At one point, baby Mia was concerned that Santa wouldn’t be able to fit through the chimney but we assured her that he had a way. The next morning they woke up to a letter from Santa. They weren’t giddy with excitement, they treated it with a “matter of fact” kind of way. All too funny.

The rest of the holiday was spent baking and enjoying friends & family.

Christmas doesn’t end around here, it lingers on and lasts until the new year.






December 20, 2010

the toothfairy, home births & headachies.

This is how I feel tonight.

I’ve had this crazy headache that’s last for days. I have no real reason for not taking meds because I just never do, they don’t do anything for me it always seems. But tonight I’ve felt the brunt of it all so far. Complete poo.

I’m sitting on my couch watching “Sing Off” while William stands in our micro-kitchen making something of which he will NOT TELL ME WHAT IT IS. In case you were not previously aware, William’s love language is surprises.

Yup, those moments where he does things that you completely do not expect him to do and he captures that emotion of excitement that can be read in your eyes, cheeks, mouth and aura. I love him…and I hear a blender, I have no idea what’s coming.

Earlier tonight I finished making tooth fairy pillows for my brother and sister as a part of their Christmas presents. I’m going to put them in their stockings. But I feel half excited and half guilty about making them.

Lemme tell ya why. As a itty bitty “Yennifer” (that’s how my mom says it sometimes, she has the cutest accent but she rarely ever calls me that anymore) I used to get so excited when the Tooth Fairy would take my toof and leave me a fresh or sometimes not so fresh crumpled and dirty dollar bill! I believed it to be such a magical thing that happened while I slept. I had no idea what she looked like or how in the heck she did it, but she did. But how can I lie to little children? AM I DECEIVING THEM!? Gaaah. But it’s just so fun…and these pillows are just so fun…they have little pockets in the back to hold the toothies, can you see it?

While I sewed these, I watched a movie on Netflix called “The Business of Being Born.” Wow, this documentary caught my full attention on having a home birth. I stumbled across it while reading another blog – Healthy Tipping Point. No, I’m not pregnant but I have a friend who is and it got me interested in this whole home-birthing business once again. If you’re not okay with watching women having babies then stay away because it is full on, raw footage. I cried, I laughed, I gagged. But it was beautiful. Women would have their babies in their home, their husbands holding onto them and soothing them, with a midwife present. The baby would just come out and it was so peaceful! And the mom would cradle the baby against her chest and she was on this emotional high. She worked hard and had a natural birth and it was a job well done. I appreciated this documentary because they showed all sides, when it goes wrong and how midwives prepare for those times. They put into perspective everything that happens during a pregnancy and I realized how uneducated I am about the whole process. I respect all mothers who have had natural home births, medicated births and even caesareans. Whatever your preference, you need to do what’s right for you. Hopefully I’ll know more when my turn comes around.

I just got a visitor so I must go. Her name’s Leah and she turned 4 today.

OH! William made boba.
Our favorite. Oh, how I love him.

December 19, 2010

short trip to lakeland

We are finally home. Will’s watching the Jaguar’s game right now, he has this typical emotional attachment to them the way all men seem to have towards “their” football team. The Colts are up by 4 right now and I just REALLY hope that the Jag’s win it today. I somehow cannot sympathize with a man whose upset over a football game.

Although! William was willing enough to miss some of this game so that I could make a stop at Whole Foods. Which mentioning that store makes me a little sad/bitter right now. I applied for their Sign Maker position and I was told today that they hired someone else. Total bummer I’d say because who WOULDN’T want to spend all day writing on black boards about current store specials and new items? BIG SIGH. I’ll find something else. And yes, I do have a job and yes, I’m complaining about it. Why? Because I sit and do nothing all day and I feel like I could be doing a lot more with my time…like making signs making a difference.


[Let’s be honest, I’m a horrible photographer.]

But we went to TWO graduations this weekend and had a wonderful time, because YES! IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! So it’s only appropriate to feel that way. We got to Lakeland for Southeastern’s grad late, so we had to change in the car. Which it’s really awkward to do that because you don’t know whose peaking over at you. We arrived just in time to catch the end of the speaker’s message and then onto the handing of the diplomas! OH – they also hooded all the Master’s students during the ceremony so that was “fun” but I feel like they got cheated out of a more intimate ceremony like all other’s have gotten. I got to see EVERYONE I’VE MISSED! It was beautiful, I got to hug and kiss and congratulate SO MANY! I was on Cloud 9 seeing my old friends.

Saturday morning we went to my best friend Caitlin’s graduation and then my camera died, so these were the only pictures I got. Like I said before, I’m such an amateur.

We celebrated with her family over hibachi and sushi. I got the privilege of sitting next to Cait’s Grandma and she is freaking hilarious. I’ve known her for years and I think she gets funnier with age. She did things like try to order from the kid’s menu and have conversations with waiters who clearly did not speak fluent English. Ah, I wish I could have recorded her! What a trip.

We made sure to see a few more people before heading out and then we stopped in Ocala to visit our favorite couple – Jordan and Carissa. We ate dinner and got ice cream in really cold weather. William ordered the Purple Dinosaur, Jordan & Carissa ordered some peppermint-white chocolate thing they weren’t super fond of and I got chocolate! And yes, you all needed to know that.

Now I’m sitting on my couch in the middle of a ridiculously messy room and I have huge pile of laundry to do. Waaaahhh…but!



December 17, 2010

christmas dance-off’s

This is how real men get down.

Last night we went to a Christmas Outreach in Hollybrook, a low income neighborhood in Jacksonville. RCC served them with food and entertainment for their whole families and it was a good time for sure. William and I set up a photobooth for families to come and take pictures at. I went to Michael’s earlier this week and found the sweetest wrapping paper, SWEATER PRINT WRAPPING PAPER! I geeked out and bought tons of it because they were only 50 cents a roll!

Afterwards, we headed to The Altantic for a Christmas Party. We spent a majority of our time dancing, if not goofing around. As for Will, he goofed off the majority of the night so much so that  he won MOST CREATIVE DANCER and got us some cash for our little trip this weekend. Here’s the rest of our night in pictures, they are self-explanatory!
Enjoy your weekend!