Le Honeymoon

We took a cruise with Royal Caribbean for a week and had oh so much fun! We set sail on Monday morning and were without communication from the world for  solid week!! It was perfect having only each other for 6 days, it allowed for lots of talk time and times to make memories celebrating our marriage!

They decorated our room for us and put a cute sign on our door that read Just Married. We had fun little towel animals appear on our bed almost every night too! We were waiting on hand and foot, a luxury I felt bad about by the end of the week!!

And not everything in life is perfect because as great as the cruise was, we had a few downers 😦 We chose Royal Caribbean because they offered a “gluten-free” menu and that is exactly what I needed! But upon our arrival, we quickly discovered they didn’t offer anything unless we were in the dining room for dinner, and even then I was only able to eat a very specific selection. Let’s just say by the end of the cruise I was ready to eat more than just salads and french fries!!

We visited Labadee and Montego Bay (which wasn’t our original destination for Jamaica but hey, we made the best of it…) and took relaxing to a whole new level. Just laying in the sun, splashing around in the sea and making new friends, we made some unforgettable memories. Will ate Jamaican beef patties while I sipped on tropical fruit smoothies…I want to do it all over again!

On the ship we spent all of our nights glamourfied, attending ice skating & comedy shows and even musicals. We took “classic” cruise pictures that William REFUSED to buy for me because they were so horrid! I thought it would have made a nice laugh above our fire place if we ever got one!

I will admit, I miss the room service and lazy activities. I was completely spoiled having Will all to myself for an entire week! Now we are back home, working and keeping up with our dream…more to come on that later.

Goodnight everyone!





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