Newlywed Life!!

We are back from the honeymoon, back at work and back to reality. If only we could run around and do fun things without worrying about money every day, huh? But then I’m sure we’d get tired of doing just that and would want more. Now that we are back, I’ve had plenty of time to catch up and merge both of my blogs into one. I’ll only post on this one from now on and I’m excited because I have LOTS to give you all!

Being married is the funnest thing I have ever gotten myself into! Not only was the wedding complete bliss, everything went as planned basically and I had a myriad of people that love us come together to help us make it all happen – and in the process some of them became the greatest of friends!

Planning and putting together a wedding was such a fun time, three weeks later I’m getting a heavy dose of wedding blues and I don’t like it! Luckily, I’m helping my new friend Audra plan her very own…so I’ll get my dosage there 😉

Our honeymoon was good and bad. GOOD because it was our HONEYMOON, hello! But the downside was the choice of food I had was very limited. I’m gluten-free and they didn’t accommodate it very well so I ate salads and frenchy fries most of the time. I think my favorite food was breakfast and the desserts and the end of our three course meals!! The beginning and the end :]

After the honeymoon, we took another short vacay to visit friends in Charlotte for Thanksgiving! It was so neat to celebrate a holiday with friends since normally I’m with family. It just goes to show how close we all really are and how we treat each other just as family does. The boys of Logie Avenue cooked up a delicious turkey!! And everyone contributed different sides…ours of course, we gluten-free mac n’ cheese!! And gluten-free gravy!

Will & Patrick at their finest!

And now we’re home :] Where we are fully enjoying being married and growing closer to each other. It’s an amazing feeling always knowing you can come home to your spouse and take care of each other. Tonight my husband is working and I’m alone, which gave me time to do this but I still miss my honey and he won’t be home until 11pm 😦

But I planned a date with Gossip Girl! My only TV show that I LOVE and HATE all that the SAME TIME! And I’ll be crafting some to spice up our little room…

That’s all for now, more to come since I merged my two bloggies together.



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