We got a letter!!!

We got a letter two days ago…the loveliest letter one could receive as a newlywed couple. But before I reveal the contents of this letter (which I’m sure most of you already can tell what it is…) let me tell you a funny story about our wedding day.

In the midst of doing things like this…

and this…

We forgot to get our marriage license signed!! Pastor David Docusen left early from the reception with other friends back to Charlotte, North Carolina because of the long drive. Somewhere in between all of it, none of us remembered to get the license signed!! Then towards the middle of the reception, William remembers about it and we didn’t know what to do. Considering Will is a pastor, there were several pastors there that could have very easily signed it for us and handled the whole legal factor. But we declined and opted to mail it off to David for him to sign since he was the one that married us.

That just means we weren’t officially married for like a week…right? Pssh, I don’t think so.

But now, by the State of Florida records…we are OFFICIALLY MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM MORGAN! Woohoo! Now I can visit Social Security and the DMV to wait in ridiculous lines in order to change my last name to match my husbands.

Honestly, the entire thought of it all is so sweet. I’ve found someone who I fell in love with instantly after not seeing each other for months but we were long time friends. The man that sat in front of me at a tiny restaurant in a modern art museum was completely different than I’d knew him to be just hours before. And now, 9 months later…I’m thrilled about a little piece of paper that has come so I can legally change my name to show just how committed I am.

I’m living one of my dreams right now and as silly as some might say that it is, but I’ve been waiting for my husband my entire life. The short 22 years I’ve been alive, I’ve been waiting and wanting him for so long. I love you, William Jonathan!


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