Adventures & Marshmallows

Saturday mornings we like to take adventures. Our adventures consist of thrifting, eating and more thrifting. We hit up all of our local favorites and sometimes find garage sales that feel like gold mines! And sometimes we find garage sales that are more like crap sales. But hey, I can’t be too mean because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

We found some really good stuff yesterday! Two items of which I don’t get until Christmas! But they are quite the golden find! We love to thrift because we always find vintage pieces that are timeless and not to mention an incredibly good BARGAIN. There are things I love and hate about going into thrift stores…

Why I hate them…
1. They smell bad most of the time
2. Everything you find is dirty.
3. All things are cluttered together and you have to dig and dig…

Why I love them…
1. All things are cluttered together and you have to dig and dig…so when you find something GOOD you feel SUCCESSFUL! And you can appreciate it more ;]
2. You find unique items for as low as 25 cents, like vintage drinking cups and scarfs. So you always manage to stay in your budget!
3. They are F-U-N!

Our next stop after all that was the asian food store, it was our first time going to this one and it was full of everything we love to eat! SO EXCITING because it’s hard to find good authentic stores like this.

We considered buying duck but instead, we headed towards the checkout counter where our cashier was a little girl of just 12 years old. We had a lot of fun the rest of the day, going to Will’s cousin Corrie’s graduation party where we saw his wonderful family and roasted GINORMOUS marshmallows and froze our booties off while playing CORNHOLE! Then we ended the night at Will’s best friend’s house to see their new baby and watch Nacho Libre…which I fell asleep during the first 15 minutes of the movie. I’m probably the worst person to watch a movie with.


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