the “less is more” challenge

I love to shop. Fashion blogs fill my tabs on my Safari and you can guarantee to find the newest Nylon in my purse. Ever since I could draw and collected Barbies, I dreamed of being a fashion designer and filling my life with endless closets full of high-end labels and even my own. I would spend hours filling my black and white composition notebooks with sketches of dresses and swimsuits. Or you would find me sewing outfits for my dolls and sometimes even myself (even if they weren’t very good).

But my insecurities won the battle and I never pursued a career in the fashion industry like I had always hoped. Nonetheless, I’m still happy with my life. I have found a deeper passion inside and that’s something that we will talk about another day…but for now I bring to you my…

I want to bring something good out of my love for fashion and this is where my idea originated from. Because we are newlyweds in transition from one pastoring job to another, our budget is tight. Not extremely tight because we are living for free and never, ever go without. We have friends and family who are always cooking us dinner and treating us that we manage to pay our bills and then try to find some wiggle room to buy a new goodie or two from the thrift store.

With this newly revamped blog, I’m going to present new challenges that we could all benefit and learn from. This is the first one, and I don’t think it could have come at a better time. With the holidays going on right now, we don’t need to spend even more money on a new outfit. We need to be smart and think out our purchases thoroughly. I’m going to post my outfits I buy for holiday parties and events, including shopping tips that could help you in your own purchases. I won’t be harsh and make a long list of rules, we’re going to keep it simple with one rule…

1. Always shop at home first! Which means: Look in all of your closet for potential outfits. Try to view old pieces in new ways. THEN…stay within your budget, if you have one. If your budget is $10, make it work. If your budget is unlimited, set a budget for yourself and be reasonable.

This challenge is for the both of us. As I sit here and write this blog, my husband is chastising me about my own habits. I can’t count how many times I’ve ruined my mood because I can’t find “the right outfit” for my night or day out. I’ve complained countless times about not having enough clothes. And quite frankly, I’M SICK OF IT! So, we can now OFFICIALLY begin the LESS IS MORE challenge.


If you choose to participate in this challenge, we will be giving away awards! A snazzy certificate with a gift from us that you can use to celebrate your successes! So be on the lookout for these giveaways.

Can’t wait to see how this all pans out…

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