1 Month.

Yesterday was our 1 month anniversary.

I texted William to see where he was,
he told me he had “one more stop” to make before home
Then he showed up with my favorite roses, delicious vino and
imported French meunster cheese!
I was smitten when he showed up with all of my favorites!

I just can’t believe that we’ve already reached our first month as a married couple and things between us are so natural. I feel as if I’ve known him forever and we’ve been together ever since. He’s the man of my dreams and the love of my life, I truly couldn’t be happier.

We ended up making a drive to Starke, where his friends were waiting to take
their family Christmas Picture! It was probably the funniest photo shoot we’ve been at together. 

The little girl, Kennedy, refused to smile for Will. Instead of smiling she’d deliberately make funny faces at him and we couldn’t help but laugh. Then you add the 2 dogs that were so hyper and could not manage to sit down. We finally put on a Dora DVD and to try and get Kennedy to smile and we used a spray bottle to threaten the puppies into sitting…

William was frustrated by the end of the session because he just couldn’t get Kennedy to cooperate! Thankfully, she got happy again and we managed to get a few good shots 🙂

And that’s how we spent our anniversary,
doing what we love with people we love…together.




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