the land of “what is”

Today was a really good day. I woke up, did some yoga with Tara Stiles then made myself a green smoothie and then it was off to work. We spent the morning decorating the office and time flew by. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday so when I got off, I stopped and bought her some cupcakes from CamiCakes for her special day and headed home.

I had several thoughts on my commute and was floating in the land of what-ifs. And when one is in this land, we can become discouraged for one reason or another…we can all attest to that. I drove up to my house, and saw this package waiting outside.

My mother sent us some goodies! I snapped back to earth and was so excited to reveal it’s contents. She sent us Colombian coffee beans, Panettone bread from Italy, a cupcake ornament for my tree and a small village! Completely unexpected but exciting nonetheless! My first Christmas package and I was so thankful.

Which brings me back to my “land of what-ifs,” which is a dangerous land to linger in. Dangerous because if you stay there too long, you no longer gather what you need to stay motivated in what you’re doing, it no longer serves its purpose. I was thinking of what our life would be like “if we” had taken a different road than the one we are on. Sure, things might have been easier…But would they really have been?

We chose to believe that God was calling us on this particular road that we’re on and followed it willingly. And just because we hit certain road blocks or potholes, doesn’t change the fact that this is the only road that will lead us to our destination. Not to mention that only this road will lead us through the places we need to go through because we will learn so much from it all. All of our failures, fears, successes and moments of celebration we have had and will have, prepares us and shapes us into the people we need/desire to be.

What this package did to me wasn’t just provide me with more “Christmas spirit”. It wasn’t just a box that my mother sent to me by surprise. It was a reminder of all that God has been doing in my life and in our life as a newlywed couple. William and I have all that we need; a roof over our head, an abundance of food in our fridge and pantries, endless amounts of clothing and the list goes on and on. Not only that, we are part of a community of believers that have received us with open arms since the day we first visited River City Church.

…And we have family members that think of us and go out of their way for us. We are inundated in a sea of loving humans, wrapping their arms around us and wanting to make us feel their love. The land of what is is greater than the land of what ifs, in my opinion at least.

So after my honey came home, we made breakfast for dinner and scarfed it all down while we watched American Pickers. William made the biggest omelet everrrr and cooked the crunchiest, most delicious tater tots too!

All so yummy! When we were done, I set up my little village. Equipped with colorful lights, sound and all! Haha! It’s my piece of home sweet home… pretty isn’t it?


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