we’re a team

William and I are a team. Never against each other, always in favor of one another. We are each other’s best friend and confidant. Some may disagree, but in our case this is how it’s worked out so far.

Life has brought it’s challenges and we are still in a place of transition and it’s been harder than I could have ever imagined. I’m finally coming to the point where I no longer ask God “when are we going to what’s next?” And instead, I find myself asking him, “what must be done here and how can we do it?” Of course, it’s not that easy but I’m learning.

At the beginning and at times even now, I will take out my frustration on William. Not even intentionally, without realizing it I come home grumpy and let my anxiety out on my spouse. What’s wrong with that picture is that it’s not even his fault that things are so different. And he doesn’t deserve for me to do that. He’s had a hard day too and he is also trying to understand what’s going on as much as I am.

We spend a lot of time together and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I couldn’t think of a better way to encounter God or to experience life other than with him. Last night we had one of those very honest conversations about everything going on and as tough as those might be to have, it was such a sweet relief afterward. Communication is key to a healthy relationship and once I had all my feelings out on the table, he understood me more and it brought peace.

We chose each other for a reason and that reason is showing more and more everyday.


One Comment to “we’re a team”

  1. I like this. We are not born knowing how to trust another or how to be the woman/man we’re meant to be. But the journey is worth it. This is so encouraging. thank you, thank you.

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