short trip to lakeland

We are finally home. Will’s watching the Jaguar’s game right now, he has this typical emotional attachment to them the way all men seem to have towards “their” football team. The Colts are up by 4 right now and I just REALLY hope that the Jag’s win it today. I somehow cannot sympathize with a man whose upset over a football game.

Although! William was willing enough to miss some of this game so that I could make a stop at Whole Foods. Which mentioning that store makes me a little sad/bitter right now. I applied for their Sign Maker position and I was told today that they hired someone else. Total bummer I’d say because who WOULDN’T want to spend all day writing on black boards about current store specials and new items? BIG SIGH. I’ll find something else. And yes, I do have a job and yes, I’m complaining about it. Why? Because I sit and do nothing all day and I feel like I could be doing a lot more with my time…like making signs making a difference.


[Let’s be honest, I’m a horrible photographer.]

But we went to TWO graduations this weekend and had a wonderful time, because YES! IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR! So it’s only appropriate to feel that way. We got to Lakeland for Southeastern’s grad late, so we had to change in the car. Which it’s really awkward to do that because you don’t know whose peaking over at you. We arrived just in time to catch the end of the speaker’s message and then onto the handing of the diplomas! OH – they also hooded all the Master’s students during the ceremony so that was “fun” but I feel like they got cheated out of a more intimate ceremony like all other’s have gotten. I got to see EVERYONE I’VE MISSED! It was beautiful, I got to hug and kiss and congratulate SO MANY! I was on Cloud 9 seeing my old friends.

Saturday morning we went to my best friend Caitlin’s graduation and then my camera died, so these were the only pictures I got. Like I said before, I’m such an amateur.

We celebrated with her family over hibachi and sushi. I got the privilege of sitting next to Cait’s Grandma and she is freaking hilarious. I’ve known her for years and I think she gets funnier with age. She did things like try to order from the kid’s menu and have conversations with waiters who clearly did not speak fluent English. Ah, I wish I could have recorded her! What a trip.

We made sure to see a few more people before heading out and then we stopped in Ocala to visit our favorite couple – Jordan and Carissa. We ate dinner and got ice cream in really cold weather. William ordered the Purple Dinosaur, Jordan & Carissa ordered some peppermint-white chocolate thing they weren’t super fond of and I got chocolate! And yes, you all needed to know that.

Now I’m sitting on my couch in the middle of a ridiculously messy room and I have huge pile of laundry to do. Waaaahhh…but!




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