the toothfairy, home births & headachies.

This is how I feel tonight.

I’ve had this crazy headache that’s last for days. I have no real reason for not taking meds because I just never do, they don’t do anything for me it always seems. But tonight I’ve felt the brunt of it all so far. Complete poo.

I’m sitting on my couch watching “Sing Off” while William stands in our micro-kitchen making something of which he will NOT TELL ME WHAT IT IS. In case you were not previously aware, William’s love language is surprises.

Yup, those moments where he does things that you completely do not expect him to do and he captures that emotion of excitement that can be read in your eyes, cheeks, mouth and aura. I love him…and I hear a blender, I have no idea what’s coming.

Earlier tonight I finished making tooth fairy pillows for my brother and sister as a part of their Christmas presents. I’m going to put them in their stockings. But I feel half excited and half guilty about making them.

Lemme tell ya why. As a itty bitty “Yennifer” (that’s how my mom says it sometimes, she has the cutest accent but she rarely ever calls me that anymore) I used to get so excited when the Tooth Fairy would take my toof and leave me a fresh or sometimes not so fresh crumpled and dirty dollar bill! I believed it to be such a magical thing that happened while I slept. I had no idea what she looked like or how in the heck she did it, but she did. But how can I lie to little children? AM I DECEIVING THEM!? Gaaah. But it’s just so fun…and these pillows are just so fun…they have little pockets in the back to hold the toothies, can you see it?

While I sewed these, I watched a movie on Netflix called “The Business of Being Born.” Wow, this documentary caught my full attention on having a home birth. I stumbled across it while reading another blog – Healthy Tipping Point. No, I’m not pregnant but I have a friend who is and it got me interested in this whole home-birthing business once again. If you’re not okay with watching women having babies then stay away because it is full on, raw footage. I cried, I laughed, I gagged. But it was beautiful. Women would have their babies in their home, their husbands holding onto them and soothing them, with a midwife present. The baby would just come out and it was so peaceful! And the mom would cradle the baby against her chest and she was on this emotional high. She worked hard and had a natural birth and it was a job well done. I appreciated this documentary because they showed all sides, when it goes wrong and how midwives prepare for those times. They put into perspective everything that happens during a pregnancy and I realized how uneducated I am about the whole process. I respect all mothers who have had natural home births, medicated births and even caesareans. Whatever your preference, you need to do what’s right for you. Hopefully I’ll know more when my turn comes around.

I just got a visitor so I must go. Her name’s Leah and she turned 4 today.

OH! William made boba.
Our favorite. Oh, how I love him.


2 Comments to “the toothfairy, home births & headachies.”

  1. 1. i love you. 2.boil some water and breath in the steam. i had a headache for 4 days bc of all this dry winter air. it really helped. 3. will you make my kids tooth fairy pillows one day? 4. i commend you for watching a whole movie about pushing babies through 10 cm of woman. 5.come see me.

  2. Two things:
    1. You must make a tooth fairy pillow for my son, Josiah! I know we have a couple years before they start falling out, but it’s too cute!
    2. After giving birth to two beautiful sons, there is nothing like seeing your baby face to face for the first time.

    You are Loved,

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