Christmas was special this year – our first together ever! William got me the sweetest vintage finds; a Coach purse and cowboy boots. I bought him a book he already had (fail) and an awesome fox shirt.

We’re in Cape Coral right now visiting family and make the trek back to
Jacksonville in just a few days! Where we’ll celebrate Christmas with our other family…
it’s fun celebrating in different ways, experiencing new things.

The night before Christmas, the twins wrote letters to Santa.
They drew what they wanted and signed their names in bright colors.
Donnie’s letter was complete with directions…ya know, in case he got lost!

At one point, baby Mia was concerned that Santa wouldn’t be able to fit through the chimney but we assured her that he had a way. The next morning they woke up to a letter from Santa. They weren’t giddy with excitement, they treated it with a “matter of fact” kind of way. All too funny.

The rest of the holiday was spent baking and enjoying friends & family.

Christmas doesn’t end around here, it lingers on and lasts until the new year.







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