tim tam slams & aerosmith

Unfortunately, in a matter of minutes we will be on the road back home…which isn’t unfortunate because we have fun things awaiting. However, it means leaving family here too. Sometimes I wish I could be in two places at once, so I wouldn’t have to miss a single thing that happens. And yes, while I wrote that Aerosmith’s “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” popped into my head. We’re making a stop in O-Town to visit one of William’s friends and then we’ll be back in the Ville!

Last night after spending the evening cooking arepas (a Colombian food made of corn meal and cheese) with my momma, we visited our perfect-definition-of-awesome friend Tay Flo! Where her and William did TIM TAM SLAMS!

*And in case you were wondering why I was not filmed during this…well, these lovely delicacies from Australia were not gluten free. And yes, my heart cried.

So now that you’ve seen the insides of their mouths full of something that doesn’t look so yummy, it truly was! We got to spend a lot of time with Taylor resulting in my heart and soul being full, full, FULL! This woman is so encouraging and I only wish…AGAIN…I could be everywhere, like still living in Charlotte near this chick and many others who are really great.


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