Mean Words

Mean words.

We’ve all said a few and in turn, received a few. This past weekend I took a trip to the mall with my Mister to exchange out a few gift cards we received for the Holiday and ran into people I knew. (I will choose to remain nameless in this situation) We exchanged hellos, it truly was good to be able to see them because it’s been so long. The conversation went as follows:

Me: How are you!
Person: Looks like married life has got you fatter!
* Awkward Pause *
Me: Uhh, no I haven’t gained any weight. I’m the same size I’ve always been.
Person: Laughs. No, you really are fatter.
Me: Well, it was nice to see you guys!

As a best friend said over breakfast one morning, “You never know what people are going through so you should always treat them good.” OUR WORDS HAVE SO MUCH POWER! It’s insane!

This lady’s voice haunted me the rest of the day and William was so frustrated that I let it affect me so much that he insisted I find a way to vent in a healthy way.

My initial thoughts after leaving her were, “I should have said something mean back! I should have told her what I thought about her! Mean thing, mean thing, mean thing.” Then I got a heart check and asked myself how that would even better the situation, IT WOULDN’T! I cannot repay evil with evil, I have to repay it with love.

This 2 minute scenario put me into a train of thoughts the rest of the day and those that followed after. I spent years dealing with self-confident issues, eating problems and the like. I have found who I am through Jesus and will live the rest of my life helping others find who they are and pushing them to have confidence in themselves and who God has created them to be.

Then I thought to myself, this entire thing isn’t about my being offended because she thinks I’m fat. It was how a woman used her words to put another woman down. She attacked my self-esteem and I’m sure she deals with that herself. When someone says those things to you, they make you feel just as bad, so why do it? What is the sense in intentionally making someone feel sad, in hurting them and putting them down? It’s nonsensical, we’re all created to love and be loved in return and I wouldn’t feel right if I kept this situation to myself.

It was a reminder that people only have the power to affect you if you give it to them. No one deserves that type of power over your life, only Jesus does and fortunately for everyone…Jesus will never hurt you šŸ™‚

Join with me and stand confidently in who you are and be aware of what you say to others. Live a life that positively influences others, act out in love and be free of all evil. Embrace your Maker and the sexy body that He gave you! (HAHA!)

“Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Proverbs 12:18)

And to leave you on an even better note…pictures from the photobooth we set up at the RCC Christmas Outreach:






2 Comments to “Mean Words”

  1. Loved the blog! I have actually been dealing with it too-
    the words people use against each other. Thank you for your post in
    reminding people to be cautious of our words and mindful of
    people’s hearts. [This is Mandy Ingram in case you didn’t know!] :

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