2010 recap

Whatta year.

Spring semester started off with camping in absolute freezing weather.
Almost every week after that was spent planning and executing events with SBLC.
I have to admit it, I miss the crazy team/planning/arguments/celebrations/EVERYTHING.

On campus I lived with 7 girls, 2 of which became my butt buddies.
We listened to John Mayer 24/7, made runs to McDonald’s for McFlurries,
spent late night hours at Starbucks finishing homework and took therapeutic shopping
trips to Victoria’s Secret for PINK sweats. Oh girls, we had some fun!

In April I took my first visit to Charlotte only to discover the love of my life.
And met his sweet family and the Center City gang. We spent Easter together!

Best friend’s graduated.

Then William proposed. 1 month later.

I moved to Charlotte to be close to him and interned at Concord First Assembly.
I spent my summer with a youth group that challenged me in unexpected ways.
My closest friend was a woman named Terri and it was all too good.
Tears were shed when I left – Charlotte & it’s people have a piece of my heart forever.

7 months and 4 showers later, William and I got hitched.

Thanksgiving in Charlotte.
Christmas at home.

Footnote: I never realized how little I whipped out my camera. This is all I could find. New Years Resolution: TAKE MORE PICTURES!


3 Comments to “2010 recap”

  1. Jen girl! I’ve loved your blog posts lately! You’ve been added to my google reader :). I also haven’t taken a lot of pictures this year…not ones that really tell a year. (Note to self: shea, stop taking so many pictures of food…) Happy New Year!

  2. LIKE LIKE LIKE!!!!!!

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