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January 31, 2011

spring rolls at the franklins

Our background music was the Nacho Libre soundtrack.
Does it get better than that?

January 31, 2011

town hall meeting


Last night our church had a Town Hall meeting. We discussed where the church has been, where we currently are and where we’re headed. They also spoke about the financial aspect of it all, how much money is needed for ministry, how many pledges we currently have and exactly how it’s all spent. At the end, there was Q&A time to ask whatever we wanted.

Meetings like these can seem boring but they are essential. Members of a church like to be involved, like to know the structure of the church and like to know that the place they invest their life and money into has a clear direction and vision for all that they do. For church leaders to be open and vulnerable with the people who attend their church is important, it gives a sense of trust, commitment and inclusion.

Afterwards, we spent some much needed time with The Franklin’s over some Chipotle. My nose is stuffed shut so I couldn’t taste a single thing, but I do know my belly was happy!

This weeks’ agenda includes: small group leaders meeting, v-day monsters, more good times with friends and getting over this icky cold thing I currently have.

Let’s all stay encouraged this week, think positive thoughts, pray lots and lots and enjoy the current blessings that we have. Grace and peace – xxo.


January 31, 2011

sunday best

January 29, 2011

traffic warning citation + brinner

Suh-weeet grace. I bare before you my warning from an officer who thought it just to give me it after going 50 in a 35 zone.

I was on my way home, puttin’ the pedal to the medal because I was not feeling good. All I wanted was my warm bed and my sweet husband to cuddle me. Which I got to…eventually. I’ve been a sick little bunny all week and I might have broken down if this ticket wasn’t a warning.

The rest of the day consisted of a very long nap, brinner (french toast, tator tots + oj) and some more sewing. Here’s a peek into my Valentine collection of monsters:

So fun.
See you tomorrow with our Sunday Best.

January 28, 2011


In case you were wondering, I’m the worst bag opener in the entire world.

I think I’m just sloppy with a lot of things, including my appearance. Although many tell me I look “put together”…It’s not as true as it appears. I can’t tie a perfect bow, cut a perfect line, go more than a day without chipping my nails, have my eyeliner not smudge, properly flat iron all of my hair (there’s always waves), iron my clothing, not rip my tights or take a shower without getting everything wet…outside of the shower.

I also seem to always forget my lunch, forget to charge my camera battery and forget what I came into the room for.

I’d rather nap than sew, I’d rather watch Gossip Girl than wash the dishes, I’d rather let my clothes pile up on the chair near my closet than hang them up, I’d rather not do laundry until I’m wearing my last pair of clean underwear (too much info?).

Despite the tendency I have to live a messy life, I like to plan events. Tomorrow I have a breakfast date with Magan and Laura to plan a shower. I promise my lack of togetherness doesn’t carry over to my work! It’s a magical thing, really.


January 27, 2011

early morning.

Up before my usual time, we’re carpooling to work this morning. William starts substitute teaching and I…well, I still have my clerical job. I feel like a zombie, considering I got 5 hours of sleep and had the weirdest dream. Last night I had a sugar overdose, I ate ice cream (which I normally don’t do/lactose thing) and had a lottttt of it. I needed something sustaining this morning to get me going.

So I made a spinach smoothie. My f.a.v.o.r.i.t.e. All you do is blend:

1 cup of vanilla soymilk
2 handfuls of frozen spinach
1 banana
1 heaping spoon of peanut butter

I also had a slice of toast and I feel a little energy kicking in. Can you tell? (Staying up late to catch up on American Idol might not be worth the pain in the morning…)

January 26, 2011

eating animals part II

On Monday I finished reading Eating Animals. Like I said before, the author presents several different perspectives. You can’t pick it up and say that he is trying to turn you into a vegetarian, he seems to merely present to you interviews of farmers, factory farm workers, employees from PETA, independent animal activists, vegetarians and vegans.

If this book did anything for me, it brought awareness to the treatment of animals in factory farms and the effects it has on our health. I cannot read this book and then ignore what I’ve just spent a week educating myself on. I believe that I would only continue to hurt myself and support something that is clearly wrong.

If anyone knows me on a personal level, they know that quite frankly…I don’t really like animals. From a distance, yes, but not to own and take care of. I’m the one who doesn’t even want to pet a dog, no matter the cuteness it offers. BUT that doesn’t mean I support animal cruelty in any way. Which is exactly what factory farming is doing. The accounts that this book holds (and several others out there to read, along with movies) are gruesome. Cows, pigs, chickens and turkeys treated horridly, to the point where they become sick and DESPITE their being sick…are still killed and processed into the food that reaches our kitchen tables.

That’s only a fragment of what was presented.

Farmed animals are fed antibiotics nontherapeutically (before they get sick). Does that sound right? Another piece…“In the world of factory farming, expectations are turned upside down. Veterinarians don’t work toward optimal health, but optimal profitability. Drugs are not for curing diseases but substitutes for destroyed immune systems. Farmers do not aim to produce healthy animals.”

You might say it’s not fair, there are farmers who treat their animals good and are working against factory farming. Foer talks about this as well, choosing to buy local/organic meats. He poses the argument that we might not “be made” to eat meat and that’s where he refers again to the subject of the ethics behind eating animals. Which touches an entirely different subject, in my opinion.

There are several viewpoints on “eating animals”…I’m not going to give mine because I don’t feel completely confident in it yet. I hope you take the time to educate yourself on the food industry and make smart decisions for yourself and not just follow what I believe.

I have a list of other books to read on the subject and a few documentaries I plan on watching to educate myself more.

We’ll see where it all leads…

January 25, 2011

…from where i’m standing, the sun is shining all over the place.

Everyone loves a good post about rain…right? Currently it’s pouring cats and dogs outside our room, there’s a tornado watch in Duval County and we heard the sound of lightning crashing into what we hope was a tree.

So while I sit in our bed waiting for this rain to let up so we can leave for Holly’s, here’s all-things-rain:

{the notebook}

{seth + summer, duh}

{garden state}

{sweet home alabama}

And the classic…

January 25, 2011

happy tuesday.

January 24, 2011

una vuelta a la manzana.

A breezy afternoon it was! My bunny and I went for “una vuelta a la manzana” or a walk around the block. I had a rough day. My mind is on overload because of a lack of a ministry position for both William and I, school is yet to be resolved and we’re literally waiting for God to provide for our bills. Whoa, I needed some serious fresh air.

{and I don’t have it that bad, poor William sliced the tip of his finger off}

After we spent time praying and walking, I felt better. It didn’t completely take away the pain of what’s going on but I’m reminded of the hope that I hold on to. AND! I’m excited because Small Groups at River City Church start soon, William and I will be a part of a group called “The Mix” so we’ll be doing what we LOVE!

This week holds plenty of events to be excited over.
We originally planned on being in Orlando this weekend to check out a friend’s church but we have to be careful with our expenses. A friend of mine is getting married and I’m a bridesmaid! So when duty calls…I must respond ;] Her first shower is this friday, Will’s parents are going to be in a CIRCUS THEMED SQUARE DANCE! (Holy moly, I’m super excited for that one.) Prayer starts this week at RCC and we hope to squeeze in time with friends on free nights.

Now, William just popped some fresh popcorn and I’m going to bug him with questions from a book his cousin Laura got us!

It asks you all sorts of questions so you can document your entire relationship. With that, William warns me about the answers I put…“Do you want your daughter to read that one day?”