oyster roast + kayla

Sigh of relief.

The first day of the year has ended beautifully.
It started off with a deep clean of our rooms, getting everything together because Kayla came to Jacksonville and she’s staying with us for a night. I had plans for a lunch date with Laura BUT I had an emotional “I’m a girl” moment and had to cancel. I recovered and the Mister and I headed out the door to spend some time in 5 points again. We sat at Starbucks, read and blogged. The usual.

Then we went to an Oyster Roast at our friend Chris & Audra’s house where I did NOT eat any oysters. The texture and everything about them was not something I did not want to put into my body. This was also my very first Oyster Roast; the little critters sat on the fire for a few minutes, you’d pick one up when it cracked open just slightly with a piece of burlap, crack it open with a knife and chown down. Place it on a cracker with a little hot sauce or eat it plain. Delight in it as you please!

Then Kayla came to town! We headed to Gator’s Dockside for some wings and french fries.

We both needed a picture with her ;]

I’m excited for tomorrow for two reasons: River City Church and Morgan Christmas! We finally get to exchange gifts with William’s family, our gifts are pretty suh-weet! And because of the holidays, we haven’t been at RCC since before Christmas. Kayla’s coming with us & I’m just full of such anticipation!


I forgot to mention.
Today our Christmas tree came down. I was sad and had tiny tears. My family keeps the tree up for a little while longer after Christmas and William’s takes theirs down after the new year. When you get married, everything changes and you take on each other’s traditions; compromising and creating new ones. This was a compromise for sure. Ha! A coat rack now resides where our first Christmas tree once did.


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