Day two of 2011 will officially be over in 5 minutes. I’m laying in bed and sleep is nowhere in sight. Nights like these I find myself very pensive, mind wandering through so many times both past and present. I don’t know exactly how I’m feeling, seeing as I have absolutely no reason to feel anything less than joy right now. Yet, I find there to be a type of sadness or something in me because I miss a few people right now.

Tonight was spent at Holly & Josh’s. Zero pictures were taken of all the happenings but it was a wonderful few hours spent with friends eating intensely salted foods, watching snippets of Toy Story 2 and laughing at almost everything.

It’s nights like tonight that make it hard to think of ever leaving. Why search for something that you already have in front of you?

I’m in this limbo stage; wanting everything all at once and not wanting to compromise one bit.

And in times like these, there’s no use in spending time in a cycle of negative thoughts nor things of the like. It’s best to spend time in prayer asking God for peace and comfort. Reason and patience to understand. I recognize that the Spirit of God lives within me and I have the freedom to sit in his presence and be loved on by my Creator.

So that’s what I’ll do, thanking him for such a beautiful day and a beautiful life.

Now…pictures that make me happy.

All of these stolen from William’s iPhone.
My first letter to him, riding on a scooter my second trip to Charlotte I took on a whim (Thanks Aubrey!), a flower he sent me, a picture he took the first time I saw him after several months, my favorite book, my favorite baby brother and a baby picture of himself.

Now I sleep happy.



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