“Baby! Gimme a good title for my blog!”


The motivation that is behind my wings right now is unreal. It started before the new year, so it’s not this resolution kick. Or maybe it is… either way there are tons of things stirring in the pot right now. There are several words that resound like huge gongs in my head every morning when I awake, throughout the day and before my head hits the pillow to snooze.

Development, progression, creativity, grace, wisdom and guidance to share a few.

In the past month I’ve realized many things. And these are things I’ve known for some time already but it’s that moment in your life when you’re like, “Oh hey, this bulb isn’t screwed on all the way. Whoa! It’s SO much brighter now!” For me, it’s been this entire journey William and I have been on for the past five months. Mixed in with a few reads from Rob Bell and Donald Miller then add some talks from John Piper and Dan Mohler…you’ve given me a new attitude towards EVERYTHING.

I feel kind of silly admitting this to you but it’s something I have to admit – God has been affecting every single part of my life.

Yes, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! The couch potato in me that’s always wanted to be a runner, the junk food lover whose discovered the reality of processed foods (we can attribute this to the gluten allergy), the shopaholic who had this obsession to buy..uhm…everything. Goodness, what part of my life has he NOT affected?

William and I are going to begin training for a 5k! We haven’t decided which one to do yet but Jacksonville has tons to participate in. I’m working more on my handmade felt toys for kiddos AND I’ve been kicking negative thinking in the rump lately.

I’ve also realized that if you want something done YOU have to do it. We have this freedom in Jesus with the ability to do whatever we want and be whoever we want to be. I can choose to watch Top Chef all day long or I can channel that inner chef and learn to cook. I can daydream about my very own creations on Etsy or I can have my husband buy me tons of materials and sew my little heart away. (Thanks boo!) I can also gripe and complain about where I live OR I can create what I desire to see right here in this city. Have you caught on?

My heart and spirit are aligning with God’s and the result is so freaking beautiful.


One Comment to ““Baby! Gimme a good title for my blog!””

  1. Bunny! You are amazing and I know that even if no one else is inspired by what you are writing, know that I am. You are pushing me to be a better writer and creative. You are the MOST talented and beautiful woman ALIVE. I love you


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