Chipotle & Another Dose of Kayla

Spicy foods from Chipotle for dinner with a hearty dose of college friends in town made for an enjoyable night. Kayla carved out some time for us again. She’s the Maid of Honor in Serenity’s wedding this weekend and has been non-stop since we last saw her. I was disappointed because I wanted to visit with Serenity and Suzanne but they were busy bee’s getting things done so they couldn’t join.

Although! They stopped in for a small visit which was a tease but we got to keep Kayla for a little bit longer so we went to Yobe for some FROYO! Raise your hand if you love yourself some FROYO! Mmhmm.

Because William and I don’t have much holding us down in Jacksonville, I am always talking about fun places we could move. I especially like talking about this when Kayla’s around because we somehow always end up talking about moving to Atlanta. I’ll say something like, “Baby, let’s go to SCAD!” and she’ll ring in with, “There’s one in Atlanta!” She has this persuasive charm about her and I like it!  Now if we could only truly convince my husband to take that leap.

Okay, that’s not fair to say. William would move absolutely anywhere – if it’s where we need to be. England, Seattle, D.C…even Oklahoma…don’t ask…yet.

I even shared my “20-minute run of death” story with Kayla and she sympathized with me. We targeted reasons why that happened to me but please take a moment to look at her expression in this photo:


What a face!! This woman is PRICELESS.



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