Lorenz Wedding & Holly’s Birthday

It doesn’t feel like today was only one day rather it feels like several days all smushed into one.

We started our morning off with sleeping in, slowly waking up then going on a run. I am continuing my training and today was not good. We ran on a trail near the house but I cramped up bad. My guess is dehydration again, so I’ll continue drinking water and not give up. “Stay motivated, keep your focus.” I’ll look back on the days that I could barely run and be so proud of the progress I’ve made…I just have to see past what’s in front of me and hold onto the potential that lies within.

Then the fun began! We witnessed our friends Blake and Serenity vow their love to each other, saw old friends and made new ones. The wedding was beautiful and I have to admit it, I’m having a small case of the wedding blues. The dress Seren wore was similar to one of the first ones I had picked out for my own so it brought back a flood of memories. I just wanna do it all over again 😉

We left early because we had a birthday dinner to go to for our dear friend Holly. Where we had freaking SCRUMPTIOUS mashed potatoes and gluten-free brownies waiting for us! I swear I could have eaten the entire bowl and I don’t even like mashed potatoes. Oh! And they were dairy-free…my kind of dinner!

Holly got some beautiful presents from her mother, the fabulous cook, and it was nice to share in on the family gathering. Somehow we ended up talking about blogs (my other friend Kari is going to start one, I’ll keep you posted) and William pretending to be “The Cat in the Hat” on the phone for Baby T. I shoulda’ filmed the moment because it was so darn cute. Baby T shrieked and said something in his baby language that had to be “Cat!”

{delicious looking german chocolate cake prepared by “the good cook”}

{Kari, Baby M & Holly}

{Baby T & The Good Cook}

But the party didn’t stop there.

We headed to O’Brothers in 5 Points Jax to spend more time with William’s college friends before everyone went back to their side of the world. What follows is a compilation of candids captured of funny jokes, an interesting game with a philosophical twist game that ended up being the highlight of the night, deep conversations and questions, walks down memory lane and really…just enjoying each other’s company.




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