Do I look Asian?

Random Person: So are you Asian?

Me: I get that all the time but actually, I’m not.

RP: Oh sorry! I thought you were Filipino or Polynesian!

Me: I’m actually Colombian.

RP: Oh! So you’re half white! That makes sense.

Me: No, I’m fully Colombian. My parents were born and raised there, I was born there as well.

RP: Wow! I would have never known! You look like a white girl mixed with Asian!

Me: Haha…yeah

Oh it will never cease.

The usual question of my ethnicity and the usual confusion at it’s revelation. I don’t think I have ever had someone come up to me and say, “You MUST be Colombian! Look at you!” We can attribute that to 2 factors.

1. Born in Colombia but raised in America! I’ve been here since I was about 7 months old resulting in no accent. Which is a TOTAL BUMMER…no, I’m still not over it.

2. I have a tendency to squint my eyes when I smile/laugh/do anthing of the sort.

My evidence:

Do you see the trend? HA!

I revel in the fact that others don’t know what ethnicity I am and can deliver a convincing “Yes! I am what you say I am!” without any doubt…buuut I don’t like to lie 😉

Footnote: I apologize if anyone takes offense to this. To clarify, I do not get offended when they ask me this. I think it’s pretty neat and wish I could say yes sometimes!


2 Comments to “Do I look Asian?”

  1. haha love it! and of course, loved that Im right there! and
    that we BOTH look pretty asian on that picture. miss you

  2. I say you look them all, kinda like neapolitan ice cream the best all in one.

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