Too good to be true.

I gripe and complain entirely too much. I have the world’s most flexible job, the only thing that would make it that more flexible would be if I could work from home. I make my own schedule and take my time doing whatever tasks are needed, if there even are any. Yeah, sometimes sitting in a cubicle with nothing to do can grow very, very weary but I’m going to look at it positively this morning…or try to at least.

Besides, today marks 2 months for The Morgans.
Happily married bunnies on The Road together.

As we prayed together this morning, William said, “2 months seems to grand to us right now but in 30 years, if You tarry, it will seem like just a glimmer of something beautiful You started.” …Yes ladies, sometimes he’s too good to be true. We celebrate once again, doing what we love to do most. Together helping those that we love. We continue hibernating in Hosh & Jolly’s home preparing for Saturday’s festivities! Last night we had yummy tacos, ice cream, cookies and tea. We watched Despicable Me and Top Chef (in which Jamie FINALLY WENT HOME!! YESSSSSSSSS) and continued on with our work.

And now, a song dedicated to my husband.



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