More times than none, I’m convinced that we have found ourselves in thoughts of “Grr…I shoulda done this!” or perhaps, “Sh- -! I’m so stupid!” These spoken or unspoken words are vicious. They speed us into this cycle of obnoxious thoughts that leave us with that pit feeling in our stomachs or our heart in knots.

In my cubicle of silence this morning I read “Water for Elephants” and had to look up a few words. (Yes, shame on me for not having a wider vocabulary but so what) I thought to myself…”Man, if I’d only taken English more seriously.” But it didn’t stop there. I threw myself a pity party in my cheap office chair and thought of all the types of things I could have learned if I had taken everything high school had to offer me. By college, I have shaped up…Not enough to pass all my classes with flying colors but I am learning tons.

A million things we could muse over about our past and how “we wish we would have done things differently.”

I’ll share something really difficult for me right now…My financial aid and loans to finish school are taking f.o.r.e.v.e.r. to process. I don’t know if I’ll be able to start this semester now, if I don’t, I’m behind even more so on school. What’s my initial thought? Dang, I should havebut wait…Let’s not forget all the reasons why I chose to do things this way and how certain you were that it would work out just fine and just because it’s not easy certainly doesn’t change the fact that it can (and WILL) work out.

Thoughts of regret will only do one thing, POUND YOU ON THE HEAD until you’ve knocked yourself down with no energy to persist. You and I both are the only ones in control of our thoughts. With the power of the Holy Spirit, we have a much greater ability to take joy in our present circumstances.

It doesn’t matter if I didn’t pay enough attention in school, that’s the past and I can’t change it. I’m learning so much more now than I feel like I ever have, reading books left and right. It doesn’t matter if school is potentially prolonged more than I’d hoped, I should focus on my present opportunities and take serious advantage of them; like developing my ability to draw/paint and getting plugged into ministry in Jacksonville.

The choice is yours, friends. Sulk in your “could have-would haves” or PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE!


One Comment to “Regret.”

  1. this is my most favorite post thus far. It is great to be reminded of this. I’ll punch them in the face for sure. : )

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