GF/Vegan Pizza

Our day was full of relaxation and lots of food. My favorite way to spend my Sunday’s with my husband. We got up 45 minutes before we had to leave for church, surprisingly I got ready super fast. After River City, we stopped at YogaBerry for some froyo. I was a tad disappointed because you can’t build your own there. 😦 Instead, they put however much they want, and jip you on the toppings. I don’t think we’ll go back there…yeah yeah…call us spoiled, go ahead.

We were in Whole Foods when The Frank’s called us to meet them at Mellow Mushroom for some GF pizza. Loving the idea, we sped up our usual shopping trip and met them for some grub. Being lactose-intolerant, I wanted to test the vegan cheese and my husband loves me so much that he sacrificed and agreed.

Interesting texture, nothing like real cheese but it sufficed & I liked it. I’m not sure that I’ll take this route again though…you see, I love me some cheese. Give me the stinkiest, imported cheese and I’m in heaven. The GF dough was certainly delightful. With four pieces left, William sent it back to the oven for a crispier taste. When it returned, he finished it all up. We’ll be back…but with Lactaid pills for my tummy to enjoy the good stuff.

Seuss party pictures to come, no worries friends.


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