Our Fantastic Wedding – The Music

One of the first movies William and I saw together was “Fantastic Mr. Fox.” He knew almost every word and was so excited to watch it with me. He was so in love with this movie, SO IN LOVE. Immediately it became our movie. He even quoted one of the line’s from the movie to me when he proposed.

When we finally settled on a date for the wedding, we had three months to plan. William had one request, to wear a suit like Mr. Fox’s. I remember giggling and had to say yes, so the hunt began. We searched ebay every single day, all over the place for this perfect suit. He ended up finding a vintage Levi’s suit, in camel, just his size.

The wedding was outside, which fit the theme well. All of the songs from the ceremony (with the exception of the exit song) were from the soundtrack.

The handsome groom and his men entered to Mr. Fox in the Fields by Alexandre Desplat.

My ladies made their stroll across the green terrain to Kristofferson’s Theme by Alexandre Desplat.

And my debut as the bride was made to Un Petite Ile by Georges Delerue.


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