una vuelta a la manzana.

A breezy afternoon it was! My bunny and I went for “una vuelta a la manzana” or a walk around the block. I had a rough day. My mind is on overload because of a lack of a ministry position for both William and I, school is yet to be resolved and we’re literally waiting for God to provide for our bills. Whoa, I needed some serious fresh air.

{and I don’t have it that bad, poor William sliced the tip of his finger off}

After we spent time praying and walking, I felt better. It didn’t completely take away the pain of what’s going on but I’m reminded of the hope that I hold on to. AND! I’m excited because Small Groups at River City Church start soon, William and I will be a part of a group called “The Mix” so we’ll be doing what we LOVE!

This week holds plenty of events to be excited over.
We originally planned on being in Orlando this weekend to check out a friend’s church but we have to be careful with our expenses. A friend of mine is getting married and I’m a bridesmaid! So when duty calls…I must respond ;] Her first shower is this friday, Will’s parents are going to be in a CIRCUS THEMED SQUARE DANCE! (Holy moly, I’m super excited for that one.) Prayer starts this week at RCC and we hope to squeeze in time with friends on free nights.

Now, William just popped some fresh popcorn and I’m going to bug him with questions from a book his cousin Laura got us!

It asks you all sorts of questions so you can document your entire relationship. With that, William warns me about the answers I put…“Do you want your daughter to read that one day?”




One Comment to “una vuelta a la manzana.”

  1. Benjamin and I can feel you on lifes little challenges as a new married couple. We are waiting on some of the same things you are and can relate to the financial delimas.
    Hang in there girly, God always comes through, and know you are not alone in what your going through =D

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