In case you were wondering, I’m the worst bag opener in the entire world.

I think I’m just sloppy with a lot of things, including my appearance. Although many tell me I look “put together”…It’s not as true as it appears. I can’t tie a perfect bow, cut a perfect line, go more than a day without chipping my nails, have my eyeliner not smudge, properly flat iron all of my hair (there’s always waves), iron my clothing, not rip my tights or take a shower without getting everything wet…outside of the shower.

I also seem to always forget my lunch, forget to charge my camera battery and forget what I came into the room for.

I’d rather nap than sew, I’d rather watch Gossip Girl than wash the dishes, I’d rather let my clothes pile up on the chair near my closet than hang them up, I’d rather not do laundry until I’m wearing my last pair of clean underwear (too much info?).

Despite the tendency I have to live a messy life, I like to plan events. Tomorrow I have a breakfast date with Magan and Laura to plan a shower. I promise my lack of togetherness doesn’t carry over to my work! It’s a magical thing, really.



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