town hall meeting


Last night our church had a Town Hall meeting. We discussed where the church has been, where we currently are and where we’re headed. They also spoke about the financial aspect of it all, how much money is needed for ministry, how many pledges we currently have and exactly how it’s all spent. At the end, there was Q&A time to ask whatever we wanted.

Meetings like these can seem boring but they are essential. Members of a church like to be involved, like to know the structure of the church and like to know that the place they invest their life and money into has a clear direction and vision for all that they do. For church leaders to be open and vulnerable with the people who attend their church is important, it gives a sense of trust, commitment and inclusion.

Afterwards, we spent some much needed time with The Franklin’s over some Chipotle. My nose is stuffed shut so I couldn’t taste a single thing, but I do know my belly was happy!

This weeks’ agenda includes: small group leaders meeting, v-day monsters, more good times with friends and getting over this icky cold thing I currently have.

Let’s all stay encouraged this week, think positive thoughts, pray lots and lots and enjoy the current blessings that we have. Grace and peace – xxo.



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