small group meeting.

I long for the day when I am no longer sick! When I can wake up and breathe through both of my nostrils, my throat is no longer itchy and I don’t feel like an elephant has sat on my entire body. By the middle of the day I’m in a haze, longing for the comfort of my bed. I came home early and had a four hour nap. Watched The Brothers Bloom and William showed me pictures from Israel.

We went over to our meeting, where I snapped photos and explained how I document my life. At times I feel silly because William puts me out there when he tells everyone about this here blog. Like right now…he’s in the room over doing pre-marital counseling with a couple on skype. He opened the door and asks me to come say hi while making a joke about me blogging. It makes me blush a little but I know he does it out of love.

William and I have been continually growing closer, my heart can’t take it at times. Marriage isn’t entirely what I “always imagined,” it’s so different but extremely rich. It’s the sweetest thought to me that we have chosen each other to share the rest of our lives together. He chose me to cry with, to laugh with, to travel and try new foods with, to bear his children, to grow intimate with. I chose him to protect me, to teach me and guide me, to grow with me. I’m thankful he’s the one that I fight with, because he’s the only one that can handle who I am and it never taints his love for me. And vise-versa.





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