creative nature + nutella

There is a desire to create things in each and every one of us. Through cooking, starting a business, finding ways to help humanity, writing a book, the list goes on and on. It’s inevitable.

William and I are pro-dreamers. I deem us worthy of that term because we are always thinking up new ideas and writing them down on paper. Filling our little space with yellow notepads and journals full of our creative thoughts. Our newest one is to open a pop-up restaurant called “Brinner.” If you have not noticed by now, it’s my absolute favorite meal and William caters to it’s every need. Even if I have a tendency to over-do it, but that’s ridiculous to say because brinner can never be overdone.

This idea came about just an hour ago when we were satisfying our hunger with crispy tator tots and eggs while watching The Cooking Channel. It was an episode about pop-up restaurants and I started dreaming outloud about our own. William got up, grabbed a notepad and jot down everything running through my mind. Perhaps a bit lofty but whose to say we won’t ever have the opportunity to do this?

I just finished reading Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. My first thoughts were this book would hold one too many “how-to’s” for marriage and it even started off that way, but what lies in the second half of this book is a freaking gold mine.

“Have you ever noticed how our culture lives off other people’s acts of creation? Consider how many “awards” shows fill the television schedule…as our culture lives vicariously through the achievements and recognition of others.

You were made by God to create. If you don’t create in a thoughtful and worshipful manner…you will feel less than human because you are in fact acting in subhuman mode. A life spent in a dead-end, joyless job with evenings spent in front of a television set and weekends spent “passing the time” will feel like hell on earth because it is. It’s a wasted life, devoid of God’s creative energy.”

Each and every single one of us holds the potential “to do.” Starting companies that help humanity or the environment, designing tools that are efficient for every day needs. All of it involves being creative.

Strip away the thought that “you are not creative.” You are! Why are we limiting that term to those who can paint/draw or design something with physical materials? It’s so much more. It’s the ability to create something out of nothing; your idea to write a book that helps college students wanting to stay vegan, your blog that promotes healthy living, your lesson plans for your eighth grade classes, educating yourself to nurse others back to health, starting a church or even throwing a random dance party for your friends. The list goes on and on. See what I mean?

By the way…Happy World Nutella Day!

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  1. love you creative cookie!

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