little bunnies + films

My two little bunnies, we’re visiting them soon! Their hugs melt my insides and I cave at every dimpled smile. If we can truly visit them I’m brining tons of tiny handmade monsters and I’m looking for an excuse to build a serious fort. You know…the ones with our bed sheets draped over furniture and white christmas lights strung all over that serve as a hideout from our parents. They’ve never done it before and I can no longer contain myself! We’ll make crowns out of construction paper, sneak our lunch inside and at the end of the day beg Mami to let us sleep in it. Crossing my fingers she says yes!

Our weekend was filled with melodramatic films, starting with Blue Valentine. Having read a review on it, I knew what to expect but not to the fullest extent. It’s hard to explain what happened without spoiling it; it was not a feel-good movie. I must say that the acting was astounding but it doesn’t cover up with how depressing I felt when the credits rolled. The second movie was An Education. The 1960’s setting is what captured me and I really enjoyed it but during it my husband said “you’re never picking movies again.” Pshh, yeah right. Lately I’ve been watching movies for the cinematography and not as much for the story, any recommendations are welcomed.



post script: A word of caution to my gluten-free friends. Having celiac disease, I have to be careful with what I eat and take in mind potential cross-contamination. Like when we go to Gator’s Dockside with friends to watch UFC fights and I order fries, making sure they aren’t cooked in the same oil as the fried pickles. Which is what I believe happened because the stomach ache I felt during the car ride home lasted throughout the night. Terrible, terrible feeling.


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