readers are leaders

Being in college, you’re reading collection is chosen for you. We’re fond of some over others, easily making this boring or tedious. Mixing it up with a casual read is essential; be it a novel, the New York Times or your daily blogroll. It allows room to stay inspired and curious, seeking knowledge elsewhere other than the classroom but also giving you an outlet to apply what you’re learning. The relation I find in different reads is pretty ridiculous sometimes, uncanny even. I can see the way God works in every aspect of life, well…I’m starting to see it. We will never stop learning, that’s for certain. Don’t laugh, but my current read is “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Purely for entertainment, I’ve heard it’s a great read so we’ll see. I’m on this food kick so you can’t blame me.



4 Comments to “books”

  1. When you’ve finished it, let me know if you’d recommend “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” It looks fun! I’m almost done with “Skinny Bitch.” Have you read that? It’s really informative about food choices…sometimes a little extreme, but good over all! (And if you haven’t read it, I warn you, these authors have some dirty mouths!)

    • I’ve read that one! They are extreme with how they view food but Chapter 9 is where it’s at in that one (in my opinion). I’m currently not eating meat because I’m repulsed at the thought of where it’s coming from, that’s not to say that I’ll never eat it again…I’m just not ready to go there after finding out all the things factory farms are about. If you like that one, read Eating Animals…you’ll for sure enjoy this read and it’s much more informative.

  2. It’s true. French woman don’t get fat. Interesting read.

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