checkin’ in

Fighting off whatevers in our bodies still. Our diets have consisted of cereal, bananas, orange juice and hot tea. And we’ve been hiding out in our bed, lots of sleepy time. I woke up and only worked for a few hours, then came home and knocked out. Although! I woke up to an awesome tweet…

I cannot properly share my excitement over this! I was going to give my ticket to William but then they told us their giving us TWO tickets instead! If you don’t know what Catalyst is, let me share. It’s the largest gathering of young leaders in the country and they’re coming to Orlando for 1 day and we get to partake. I’ve been to Catalyst Atlanta before but my husby hasn’t, so I wanted to win this for him…go aheadsay your “awww’s” and “how sweet’s”…All thanks to Catalyst! You’re the!

I’ve got more for you all coming soon, I just can’t find the energy to do anything right now. Enjoy your weekend, more from Lady Morgan tomorrow. Promise.








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