Some of you may remember the less is more challenge I was going to embark on, but then we hit a place financially where we couldn’t spend a dime. I have not abandoned this idea, stumbling upon another blog I have taken on a whole new challenge that encompasses my goal but with a different twist.

It’s called the 30×30 Remix. I choose 30 items from my closet (clothes + shoes, no accessories) and wear them for 30 days. I can add whatever accessories I want, but the clothes and shoes don’t change. Sounds easy enough, right?

Well I’m terrified of this. Yes, that afraid. In the next 30 days I have several events and trips to make, including a wedding. I also care entirely too much about the clothes that I wear and now I’m limiting myself to only 30 items for the next 30 days! (Not to mention, you get to see it all. Even if it looks silly) It took me almost an hour to choose all the different pieces I wanted to remix and I finally decided on: 7 shoes, 14 tops, 4 pants and 5 skirts. The thing that I have my hopes set on is accessories; belts, tights, hats, scarves and jewelry.

I’m taking on this challenge because I read something that I couldn’t shake off:

Style is about creating.

It’s easy enough to go out and buy what I find on a mannequin, an outfit another person has styled together and deemed worthy of the hefty price tag. This will push me to think outside of what is already presented to me, and help me to think for myself and put together pieces that I put together and can be proud of.

{day one & day two}

Forgive the photos. We’re quite busy today but I had to fill you in and “officially” declare this challenge! We’re off to our very busy day. A community event and a Valentine’s Day ball tonight! (What am I going to wear?!!)


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