mukti ball

Last night we were asked to take pictures at the Mukti Semi-Formal Ball…a dinner party put on to raise awareness for Human Trafficking. They wanted a photobooth and provided us with everything, we simply styled the shoot and William snapped away. I sat there and looked pretty while handing out his business cards, and drinking a strong can of coke 😉

The inside of the dinner was so beautiful, stringed lights everywhere and the word “Freedom” hanging from the ceiling. We had a complimentary italian dinner (as a token for providing photography) and heard an incredible speech from Kristen (who works with Mukti Imports; a company that sells handmade sari’s, blankets and bags made by Indian women freed from the sex trade). She spent 5 years working in the Red Light District in Calcutta, India. She was so open and honest about her experience there and how she sees the exact same thing here in America.

Then we danced the night away to celebrate the freedom that comes from Christ:



One Comment to “mukti ball”

  1. this is awesome. Great cause.

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