donuts + grammy’s

Oh em gee.
I could write so many things about this award show from last night. And since I have some free time before William gets home (…free time meaning I’m neglecting making my bed and tidying up the house because it’s a holiday), I’ll just go ahead and share it with you.

The Avett Brothers & Mumford and Sons performing was the best part of the show. Hands down. Are we truly surprised with Lady Gaga’s performance? No, we’re not. I’m honestly a little disappointed, I was hoping for something more. I too, was shocked when Esperanza Spalding won “Best New Artist” because no one knows who she is but I can’t say she didn’t deserve it because she writes her own music, all of it. She was also 20 years old when she became a teacher at Berklee College of Music. In my opinion that trumps “Bieber-Fever” and Drake and Rhianna made me cover my eyes. I’m not one to watch two people pretend grope each other and sing sexual lyrics back and forth. Arcade Fire probably caused some seizures during their BMX-filled performance (but I’m thoroughly pleased they won Record of the Year, well deserved). Uhm, what else. Florence Welch has the perfect voice and John Mayer looked like Orlando Bloom/Johnny Depp. I think I covered it all.

…Holly, a woman of many talents made regular/GF donuts for dessert. I only rolled them in sugar and cinnamon. So yum.

It’s been 6 months since I’ve had a donut.
I was in heaven, falling short of a sugar coma.



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