anthropologie wedding

If you didn’t know, the Anthropologie wedding line released yesterday on Valentine’s Day.

This is probably the only reason I’ll have for wanting to have waited to get married. Everything about it is perfect and I haven’t even finished scoping the site.

They have a feature titled “What Kind of Bride Are You?” which helps you determine your style. Since I’m bed-ridden today, I took the 10-second test and figured out I’m “bohemian” which I think the description fit pretty perfect to what our real ceremony incorporated, dress and all.

Then it takes you gowns, dresses, shoes and pretty little things for your wedding night. I’m completely gaga over all of this. Good thing I can still buy some of those pretty little things ;]

You can also go on a little trip down history lane to see other’s weddings, where perhaps Anthro got their inspiration and where you just might find yours.

Their hair adornments are the funnest part.



Footnote: Can anyone help me think of a way to get William to marry me all over again? Also, we’ll need about 5 grand to do it. We only spent 2 on ours, but with this new line…I’ll need more to dish on myself.


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