30×30 – 5,6,7 of 30

Today was a whirlwind. Catalyst all day, we saw so many old friends and it felt so good. We drove straight home to Cape Coral to see my family and that too, felt so good. Then I caught up with my outfits and did a photoshoot in the foyer…can you guess how that one felt? SO GOOD.

Tomorrow is another early morning. Taking the kiddies to school then breakfast with my parents. Let me tell you something – there is nothing like family. I’m blessed to have both my own and William’s, it’s like a double-scoop ice cream cone. I don’t just get one of my favorite flavors, I get two.

I’m finally caught up on this 30×30, now I have zero excuses for being late on things. I’m not bored yet, I’ve worn some pieces I’ve neglected over the past several weeks and had forgotten how fun they were. While I’m home, I’m going to the beach – we’ll see what I pull out for that one. I may or may not have snuck in a pair of shorts (80 degree weather, I think it’s an exception) for this trip, but ONLY to be worn to and from the beach. Truth be told, I felt entirely guilty packing them…so I might not even wear ’em.

#5 – plaid shirt, UO jean leggings, oxfords (not pictured)
#6 – thrifted nautical boatneck, grey skirt, thrifted cowboy boots
#7 – Free People lace top, UO jean leggings, thrifted cowboy boots



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